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Welcome to Cafexpress

Welcome to Cafexpress - the mobile café business that brings best quality espresso based coffee, food and other hot and cold beverages to people anywhere, anytime.

Whether it's one of our freshly made lattes, cappuccinos or hot chocolates, we strive to serve fabulous coffee every time.

Our mobile café business began in 1998 and has over a decade of experience servicing events and catering for functions.

You will find that our extensive expertise will help make coffee catering at your office, community group or event hassle free and a great experience for all.

We cater for a range of events and functions, such as:

  • Office runs
  • Outdoor sporting events
  • Pop-up cafés
  • Private functions, such as birthdays
  • Open air concerts or cinemas
  • School fetes, athletics days or functions
  • Street events, such as markets
  • Film sets
  • Building sites
  • Festivals and community events.

You can either:
cart cart
Book a Mobile Café Van
Operated by a trained
and experienced
Cafexpress Barista.
Rent a Cafexpress Coffee Cart
with or without a barista.
You can also buy, or
long term lease, our carts.

Call us now for more information on 0414 263 333


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